Save & Count Dhikrs

Count and save your dhikr on Tasbih Counter Pro with advanced features, unlimited personalization, usage activity details, recommended tasbih and dhikr list.

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Tasbih Counter Pro app lannding screen


Easily count your dhikr and tasbihat on your phone anywhere.
Screenshot for Tasbih Counter Pro home
Set target and reminder value for tasbih detailed alerts.
Screenshot for reminder and target counter on Tasbih Counter Pro
Save your dhikrs with name, note, target and reminder value.
Screenshot for adding new dhikr on Tasbih Counter Pro
Choose from recommended tasbih list for tasbihat and dhikr.
Screenshot for recommended and dhikr archive list on Tasbih Counter Pro
Track your counter usage details and activities with charts.
Screenshot for activities and usage details on Tasbih Counter Pro
Customize the app interface and tasbih counter with themes.
Screenshot for appearance and theme customization on Tasbih Counter Pro
Sort the saved dhikrs by date, name and counter value.
Screenshot for saved dhikr list and dhikr details on Tasbih Counter Pro
Dynamic touch, private mode, touch sounds and much more...
Screenshot for Menu and other features on Tasbih Counter Pro