99 Names of Allah

With the Asmaul Husna app, you can read the meanings of the names of Allah and Quran references, memorize the 99 names of Allah with the Esma quiz, and make tasbihat.

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Asmaul Husna app lannding screen


Meanings, long explanations and pronunciations for Asmaul Husna.
Screenshot for detail page on Asmaul Husna App
Ayats about Asmaul Husna (99 Names of Allah) in the Quran.
Screenshot for ayat references on Asmaul Husna App
You can dhikr Asmaul Husna as regards to their abjad values.
Screenshot for adding new dhikr on Asmaul Husna App
Dhikr counter supports target value, audible and vibrating alerts.
Screenshot for dhikr counter on Asmaul Husna App
Save Asma dhikrs to list and then continue where you left off.
Screenshot for dhikr list on Asmaul Husna App
Learn the Asmaul Husna and meanings with quiz concept game.
Screenshot for Asmaul Husna Memo Quiz
Test your knowledge by matching them in true false format.
Screenshot for Asmaul Husna quiz in true-false format
Resizable font, arabic text formats, counter settings and more...
Screenshot for Asmaul Husna app menu and other features